Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 questions you should ask yourself before having a website developed

Your company’s website is the epicenter of its online presence, and because the entire world is moving online, having a well-developed website, is more important than ever.

With the endless number of developers that surface in the form of both American developers, and individuals that are a part of outsourced campaigns, the task of selecting the most suitable one is definitely not easy.

Getting your priorities straight is the first step. Ask yourselves the following 5 questions, before asking them to a web development company:

How often do you need to upgrade your website?
Depending on how often you need to upgrade your website, the developers can use a specific Content Management System (CMS). PHP based CMS’s are easy to manipulate, as PHP is one of the most compatible languages, with high interoperability.

If your company’s guidelines and products are dynamic in nature, you will need to change your website’s content as often, accordingly.

Do you want your site to be SEO friendly?
SEO refers to the process of generating organic traffic. This is very important, especially for competitive businesses. Back linking and posting carefully crafted website content, including guest blog posts, on page content, and more, are a part of SEO.

It helps, if your website supports these features, without the need of having to install, additional plug-ins.

How much interactivity do you want with your users?
To answer this question, you first have to find out in what ways, and through what kind of a channel, you want to interact with them.

Do you want an open channel, wherein they can post comments, post in forums, etc.? Do you want a more limited input from their end, where they can create an account, sign up for a newsletter, and so on?
Do you want to post new website content often?
For, this, just like, SEO friendly sites, internal blog posting, and easy content management that is, through simple templates, etc., will be very helpful.

Do you want your website to be compatible with a certain format?
Here, when I say format, I mean browsers, tablets, PCs, mobile, etc. Something called a responsive website, these days, is the latest solution to the issue of a website, having to adapt to the sea of different screen sizes that span across all kinds of platforms.

In addition, .NET is compatible with windows, so bear that in mind as well.

A web development company should be able to deliver upon your specific needs. Remember, it’s important for you to know what they are, in the first place.

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