Friday, January 24, 2014

Asp Vs. Which one is better?

ASP refers to Active Server Pages, a web development language used for creating different types of web pages. It is not easy to create an application that works as calculator in HTML. A large number of web pages are required to create a single application whereas the case is totally different in case of using ASP for developing application. For developing application, that add numbers and displays their sum is easy with ASP as a single short code is required to fulfill this purpose.

There is a lot of difference between Asp and First of all, asp is not an object oriented language which means it makes use of top down programming approach in which code execution starts from the top and move downwards.

Secondly, the developers are limited to use Visual Basic or JavaScript as a language for writing code. On the other hand, is truly an object oriented language that follows event driven approach in which code execution starts at happening of an event. Program execution is based on mouse and page load events. On the other hand, .NET framework supports many languages such as C#, Pearl, J#,, and many more.

Interpretation versus compilation
ASP is an interpreted language and is a compiled language. In interpreted languages, the text of the web page is parsed linearly. The server side script in a web page is run through interpreter and the result is rendered back to the response. This type of architecture has several disadvantages, important ones are discussed below:
  • It affects efficiency of a web page in different aspects.
  • Response time is very slow.
  • Interpreter needs to invoke again and again to execute a single block.
On the other hand, code written in is always compiled not interpreted. The entire code of the web page is compiled in one go, improving performance and response time.

There are countless benefits associated with using as a programming language for developing an array of applications.
  • has a wide library and controls that help in creating web pages conveniently and quickly.
  • Error handling is also better in when compared to asp as it makes use of try and catch blocks for handling different types of errors.
  • The configuration settings of are stored in XML files which are available in human readable form.
Considering above mentioned benefits, it is always better to use for creating online applications. If you need any application for your business, look for a trustworthy website development service on the web.

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