Monday, October 3, 2016

Does your Website have the Right features for its Users?

It can take weeks or even months in establishing a web presence and effectively marketing your website. What is all required is researching different services such as: Web designers, Web developers, website hosting, online marketing, SEO experts, link builders, writers and many more. If you have the right professional web design services, there is no doubt that your website will have the right exposure.  

To add value to your website, here are some of the must have features for your website:

Include an ‘About’ Page – You are a stranger for the new visitors and why would they trust you. An About page will start building a little trust which may influence them to respond you.  They will get to know what actually your background is and what your success rates are.

Most Recent Posts- If you have a blog site, you can list the recent posts from your blog on your main website of your company. This will add value to your website and target the same niche.

Google Map- Google map can make your website interactive. It can be used in many ways, simply to display your location or features like distance calculator etc for more functionality. You can even custom applications for your site using Google maps API.

Clear Call to Action – You must let your visitors know about your company and call them to action in clear lines. Tell them in clear, direct words.

Include Contact Information- Now your visitor is greatly impressed and influenced and is ready to buy but they cannot find your information anywhere. So, make sure your website has full contact information including phone number, email etc so your potential customers can choose their preference.

High Quality Graphics – Make sure any graphics, logos, backgrounds, etc you use to depict the text or your services are of the highest quality.

Easy to Read Font- The best font color for reading is black with a white background. Use a simple readable text while not creating any barrier between you and customers.

Have a great business!

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