Friday, March 14, 2014

Explore amazing benefits of JavaScript!

JavaScript is a programming language used for designing interactive websites and web pages. It runs on client side means any code written in Java Script runs on browser of the user instead of server.

This programming language is beneficial for creating online forms in which users need to fill all the fields before submitting it. Validating forms has become easy with this language. In case, any user has not filled all the fields in the forms, the validations implemented on each field will generate a pop up message, which will act as a warning for the user to enter data in all the fields. However, such forms can be created with other languages also, but forms created in Java Script are not submitted, if any field is left empty.

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Many factors make JavaScript an important and robust programming language. Mentioned below are some of the points that will make you realize significance and benefits of using JavaScript.

The functions provided by this language enhance interactivity of web pages. Moreover, the developers can also create their own functions for making websites and web pages more interactive. For example, developers can create a function for causing a menu to appear, when any user places mouse on site navigation bar.

Styling and formatting
Styling of elements used in websites is easy with Java Script. It is your choice to select styling for elements used on web pages. For example, you can change appearance of menu items, whenever, any user places mouse on it. You can also create animations within web pages with the help of Java Script, making web pages and websites look appealing.

User environment
With advancements in technology, numerous smart gadgets and devices are launched in market, capturing attention of people who love to use smart gadgets. Smart phones, tablets, and PC’s are some of the devices used by users for surfing Internet. Java Script can detect such type information like platform used for running a website, allowing websites to change their style and function according to user environment.
Content managing
Java Script provides a level of flexibility to developers in terms of information displayed on a web page. The functions in Java Script have ability to hide and display content elements according to user interaction.

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