Monday, April 7, 2014

Is long website loading time sending away your potential customers?

If yes, then why don’t you immediately take some measures that will reduce website load time? Thinking, which measures we are talking about here?
Take a look at the following steps that will definitely solve the purpose of reducing loading time of website-

Avoid heavy or complicated graphic web design

Website that usually has many images that tend to generally take long time to load. This eventually causes losses to the owner because valuable visitors do click the website, but switch to other competitor’s site, if the website is taking huge loading time. Therefore, less number of images and graphics must be used. Text links should be preferred over graphics because they are easily ready by search engines and load faster than graphic buttons.

Use optimized images

Images should be inserted that has appropriate formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc. As a rule-of-thumb, GIF is more suitable option because it has uniform 256 colors that give images a perfect look. Besides this, JPEGs and PNG can also be used in website design in NYC but that does affect the picture quality.

Specifying of image dimensions

Images height and width must also be specified as big size images do cause problem in loading. This helps web browser to know the image size before loading it. In addition to this, height and width tags must not be used for image size reduction because it makes the coding complex.

Optimizing Flash Files

Animation definitely attracts visitor attention. Moreover, adding of flash images reduce loading time. Therefore, developer must avoid animated GIF images in website designs; instead use Flash with discretion.

Remove Useless Code

Coding plays an essential part in website development. However, useless codes must be removed as it inhibits the loading time of website. Therefore, necessary codes should be implied only.

Use of Shorthand External CSS

CSS is quite helpful in reducing website loading time. In it, proper font styles, images etc. is used in one single external CSS.

Use External JavaScript

JavaScript files must be in compressed form as it contributed to the factor of reduce website loading time.

Other factors
  • Host on a high-end server
  • Database driven website must have SSI element, AJAX for page refreshing and Jar to make compressed files.
  • Avoid background music files. If necessary one must use highly compressed music file formats.
  • Adding a slash at the end of a link like helps makes task easy for the server when files are needed to be found from a whole lot.
    Using fewer redirects, Iframes, PHP, and database queries as it also helps reduce website loading time.

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