Friday, June 20, 2014

Color scheme - A key factor in keeping visitors engaged

For any business, website is an online marketing tool, which represents the company on a wider level. It is a platform that not just sells products and services, but essentially reflects company’s philosophies, and ideologies. When it comes to a website and its layout, colors have a lot of importance.

Color schemes play a crucial role in communicating the ideas across consumers and wrong selection can communicate wrong information.

For right branding it is essential to determine ideal shade combination for a website’s layout. It may seem easy, but making the right selection can be quite a challenge. Biggest corporations invest big bucks just to come up with right scheme. This is because a perfectly blended shade is capable of increasing brand’s profitability.

This is a highly crucial aspect of website designing services in New York, because it has a strong impact on users at multiple physiological and psychological levels. This factor can have a strong and dramatic impact, which can either be negative or positive.

Focus of website designing is always on creating a positive impact to make customers stick to the website. To make ideal selection, make sure you are aware of user’s psychology and what is most likely to appeal them.

When visitors come across a website, the owner has from eight to ten seconds, to engage them visually. If the visitor feels engaged and connected to the theme during that time, there are high chances he would turn into a customer. Colors have a strong impact in terms of influencing our feelings, interactions and perceptions.

It is the quality of shades that can make visitors feel welcomed, relaxed, comfortable, and connected with the website.

A commonly used term in this context is called color harmony. Harmony is about striking a balance between different colors and creating an appealing product. A clutter of excessively strong shades can become quite disturbing as well as chaotic. 

At the same time, little usage of colors can result in a boring and monotonous outlook. This is why striking a balance is crucial. Make sure to use right colors in right proportion. Don’t use excessive amount of shades. Use cool and warm color.

While selecting background and text color, be cautious and exceptionally careful. Make sure to preserve readability at all times. Keep the background light if the font is dark and vice a versa.  Red and blue, black and white are a few common and popular combinations. You can go on to experiment with other combination, as long as it doesn’t disturb the harmony and keeps the visitors intrigued.

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