Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reasons that make Joomla the most preferred CMS

An award-winning CMS, Joomla is a great tool that allows users to build websites and web-based online applications. Multiple features have contributed in its emergence as the most preferred website software. A few of those features are extensibility, and ease-of-use. The best feature is that it is an open-source platform, hence available to anyone around the globe.
To better understand Joomla let us first understand what is content management system? CMS is any software that is used for keeping track of all the content on a website. This can be compared to a public library that stores all the books and keeps track of them.
Content on a site can be in any form. It can be anything starting from a simple text to video, music files, images, and just about anything used for conveying the idea across online readers.  The biggest benefit of using CMS is that a person does not need to have technical knowledge or skills in order to be able to manage it. The management system itself will take care of that aspect.
Now let us discuss about Joomla. First, let us see a few real world examples of where this CMS is used. It is used everywhere for designing powerful websites of all types such as:
·         Corporate portals and sites
·         Online newspapers, publications and e-magazines
·         Corporate extranets and intranets
·         Government apps
·         E-commerce sites
·         Online reservation systems
·         Community-based portals
·         Websites for nonprofit organizations
Joomla has been designed in a way that makes it extremely easy to set-up, install and get started with even if a user is new to it. Several web-services provide installation within a single click making it possible to get a website up-and-running within a matter of minutes. Since it is easy-to-use, companies that provide website development servicesfind it extremely easy to build websites quickly for their clients using this content management system.
Many companies have requirements that are beyond what is provided by basic Joomla package. If that is the case, one can use its powerful application framework that allows creation of sophisticated and high-end add-ons.
Using core Joomla framework one can build application bridges, inventory management systems, customized product catalogs, e-commerce systems, communication tools, and reservation tools. Since this CMS is based on MySQL and PHP, it means users are building apps on a sharable open platform.

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