Monday, October 6, 2014

Expected Changes in Web Development in the Remaining 2014!

The year 2014 is expecting to bring substantial change in website development. With the new, exciting web technologies emerging these days, developers will be empowered with the ability to create even more interactive and user-friendly websites.
Here are few of the most expected changes-
3D web
A lot of changes are being expected in terms of 3D in 2014. With the invention of CSS 3D, a user-friendly 3D graphics will be easy to create, which will help create impressive apps, games and presentations than before.
HTML 5 JavaScript
More Application Programming Interface (API) is expected with the launch of HTML 5 JavaScript. Web storage (data can be stored locally), web workers (multiple tasks can be done simultaneously), web sockets (for real time communication), application cache (web apps works as native apps) are to name a few.
Client side web apps
With this, developers will get an advantage of learning a new language right there and then instead of seeking help. In addition, development process becomes a whole lot easier than before.
Evolution of front-end framework
To improve the workflow of developers, front-end framework which was popularly used in 2013, is expected to improve in 2014. This includes: Bootstrap or Foundation, task runner, GUI, testing server, and dependency management.
HTML5 video
These days, videos are displayed on websites because of certain reasons like bandwidth or storage, easy to use and loading ability feature.
Certainly, with the launch of HTML5 videos there are few expecting advantages like, video formats like.mp4, .webm and .ogg can be displayed on web which were earlier not possible; video with flash fallback can be added, hosting of video on CDN to speed up the download time.
Use of cookies as per ones choice
To know what cookies website have stored, webmaster can easily know this because of EU cookie law tooling up.
Drag and drop interfaces
To create more interactive website, drag-and-drop interfaces are expected, allowing users to customize the layout.
Mandatory to build responsive design
Trimming down of unused scripts would become necessary in 2014 because of the need to build responsive design.
From the aforementioned points, you must have got an idea what expecting changes are to be brought in web development. If you are thinking to get build your website then make the website developmentservices in NYC add on these features on to your website.

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