Tuesday, December 9, 2014

List of common website designing mistakes to avoid

Building a website is a real challenge. Often websites are created visually attractive, but surprisingly there is little attention paid towards the website designing errors.
“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” While designing a website, there are many mistakes ought to occur that designers of websitedesign development services in New York need to take care of and fix it.
Following are some of the mistakes avoided by designers-
Lack of search box: Search box is mandatory in every website. Negligence in creating a search box makes things difficult for users when searching for products on the site. Therefore, designers need to do set search function on the website to allow visitors search the product on the site in an efficient manner.
Cluttered homepage: The first thing visitors see on the site is homepage. In order to behold their attention on the site, it is important to create a unique and creative homepage.
But, often designers create homepage with tons of unnecessary things that makes the website looks cluttered. This makes visitors move on to some other website, where designing is simple, yet creative.
Annoying navigation: To create good website navigation, it is important to avoid few things like flash, images, and few more.  Wrong placement of links and buttons also causes navigation problem. 
Therefore, to make navigation easy for visitors and easy to use few things are kept into consideration by the designers like avoid too much of flash, images and sounds, provide textual description for all links and alt text for images.
Bad content structure: Content always helps drive traffic towards the site. Unstructured website content distracts visitor’s attention and makes them more towards other site. Subsequently, decreases the traffic rate on the site.
Therefore, proper placement of headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, margins between images, bullets, and keywords is must. Content placement is done with use of HTML and CSS.
Inconsistent interface:  Creating different designs for each single page within a website creates confusion and is annoying to some extent.
No matter how good the business is in providing quality products, but over creativity creates confusion. Therefore, design should be aesthetically simple and not confusing.
No call to action button: To allow users buy your product, it is must to add call to action button on the site. Designers who forget using call to action make visitors simply walk away from site.


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