Sunday, February 22, 2015

What is the importance of good navigation in websites?

Navigation is one of the main aspects of any website design. It helps visitors to explore every page, image, information, or part of a site. It makes it easier for visitors to see the entire creativeness and work, a designer has put into project. This is why every website design company in New York or any other city pays special attention to navigation while designing process.
But, what is navigation?
It is a web design method or technique that emphasize on creating easy to explore web pages. It includes every part of site such as images, content, and layout. All this work is done to enhance the user experience. Designers create sites by keeping the product and target audience in mind.
An ideal website navigation is one in which users are able to find necessary information on site without any trouble. Visitors will not have to click more than necessary or look on whole web page for a particular piece of information. You cannot get anywhere without proper road signs. Navigations works like signs on sites, to guide users in right direction.
But why is it important for websites? Why designers stress on having a good navigation for web pages? Following are the answers for all these questions –
·         It makes the visitor’s work (to find information) easy. It reduces user’s efforts like click or scroll to find a particular product or content.
·         Many users quit a site because they are unable to find content easily. They don’t like website where they have to constantly find and click on different links to get desired content. They don’t stay long on these web pages. It increases bounce rate, which is not good for your SERPs rankings. It helps visitors to find information immediately before they quit because content was not found effortlessly.
·         Good navigations keeps visitors engaged, which decreases bounce rate. It leads to high SERP ranking, increased traffic and lead generation.
·         It also keeps your site well organized for visitors. Users can land on any page of your website via SERPs yet they are able to find desired information without much trouble. However, it is also important to design every part properly not just home page.
·         It enhances user experience by providing inclusive content in an easy way. Visitors like websites that are well organized, easy to navigate and work properly on all browsers.
Designers need to prepare a site according to the preferences of targeted audience. Let people know where they can find desired content on your web page and engage users.

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