Sunday, March 22, 2015

What are the advantages of designing a website with CSS & XHTML?

Attractive website designs are attract customer’s attention and engage them on the website. Good and effective styling of website design works in favor of businesses that help them achieve good business turnovers and rank on top search result pages.
Following are the advantages of designing professional website designs with CSS and XHTML-
Reduced website loading time speed
Loading time speed of website is reduced from .1 - .12 seconds. Fast loading time speed of site reduces the bounce rate (keep visitors engaged on website) that eventually increases the ranking of site on SERP.
Increased bandwidth
CSS based website layout helps in increasing the traffic rate on a site. This is because of the bandwidth that gets double with effective website layout.
Reduced file size
Website designed with CSS and XHTML helps in reducing the file size, which eventually increases the bandwidth and loading time speed of the website. For example, 8k CSS file size is reduced with 4kb.
Easy and efficient redesigning
Table layout website cannot easily be redesigned, which in comparison is easy with CSS designed website layout. All that is required to be done is make changes in external CSS style sheet and appearance of website page will automatically be changed.
Cost effective redesigning
Not only lot of time is consumed when redesigning table layout website, but it also costs expensive. But, designing a website with combination of CSS and XHTML costs less.
Easy adjustments
Adjustment of columns, widths, header div, column heights, background-image, and spacer gifs can easily be made on website designed with CSS and XHTML.
Good SEO results
Website designed with cascading style sheet effectively helps in achieving good SEO results on SERP’s. This is because such websites meet standards of search engine algorithm that helps in achieving good ranking on SERP’s.
From the above stated points, you must have got an idea what are the advantages of designing a website with CSS and XHTML based layout.
If you want your website to get good business returns and achieve good ranking on search engine result pages, then hire a good website designing company. You need to makes sure about the experience and their delivery of work. Taking references of previous clients can help you judge this factor.

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