Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What are the parameters that improve website loading time?

Everyone hates to wait! This is true for users coming on websites, if they require waiting for a long time because of poor website loading time speed, they get irritate and switch to competitors site. Therefore, website loading time is an essential factor to consider for better user experience.
Following are few parameters to consider for improving site speed-
·         HTML code optimization- Broken links and unnecessary tags put negative impact on website loading time. Therefore, optimization of code is necessary for improving the time speed of website.
·         Focus on content areas- Posting good quality content to attract visitors is must, but that needs to be optimized well. Website with too much content on a single page affects the loading time speed. Therefore, categorization of page and interlinking helps distribute content and reduce loading time speed of website.
·         Optimize images- Images are often used for better explanation of things. But, these can prove to be an obstacle for servers, as these are not server friendly.  For requiring to make images server friendly, optimization of background coloring, graphics and size of images is needed to be done. Thus, using JPEG compressed images help perform better loading speed.
·         Choosing correct image format- Wrong image format affects the loading speed. Hence, besides optimization of images, choosing right image format is also necessary. JPEG, PNG, and GIF are few best web friendly image formats. 
·         Optimizing large files- Flash files (swf), videos, and large scripts etc. should be optimized, as these do affect the loading speed of website. Using editor program for reducing the file size is must in order to optimize the website speed time. Videos or flash files with smaller size takes less bandwidth and fasten the speed of website.
·         Simple design-Unnecessary design hampers the website loading speed. This is why companies that is dealing in professionalwebsite designs they prefer simple designs, and simple layouts.
·         Define height and width- Predefining of height and width of image reserves its space on website page. Doing so reduces overall loading time of website.
·         Use clean CSS- Often CSS is used for designing websites. Cluttered CSS codes affect the page loading speed. Thus, while coding developers require removing all unnecessary CSS codes that might be hampering website speed.
·         Check loading time of website regularly- Maintaining of site is must in order to check its functionality. Thus, analyzing and regularly maintaining it is important in order to create fast websites.


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