Monday, April 20, 2015

Common website designing mistakes to avoid that will help business prosper

A website design can either make or break the potential to drive customers towards a brand. Looking to the need of businesses to make web presence it is important to avoid certain mistakes, which are as follows-
·         Overlooking targeted customers- The need to develop website in a hurry sometimes lead to overlooking targeted customers. This is biggest mistakes as businesses first preference must be customers, if they want good online presence and sales. Hence, do not completely focus on time.
·         Unclear call-to-action – Users visiting the site must be clear with its theme and purpose. Unclear call to action loses interest of audience and makes them search for alternatives that hamper the online presence of a business. Therefore, it is important to ensure, clear call-to-action are placed on site that provide detailed information about product, company, email newsletter and contact us etc.
·         Too flashy design- Overdoing of website designing though makes a website look attractive but slows down the site functionality on mobile devices, which in turn loses customers interest and make them switch to competitors site.
·         Outdated content-Site lacking on content, loses customers interest as they will not able to read new stuff about the company, products and services. Hence, site lacking on fresh content make customers assume about a brand that they are not in the business now. Therefore, it is important to ensure website is updated with regular content.
·         Go over budget or spend too little- Often businesses make the mistake of designing a website either at a very cheap price or highly expensive. Going for any of the option often end up with a poor functioning site, if right search regarding the website designing company is not done. Therefore, focus should not entirely be on money. A good experienced website design company in NYC that offers genuine price must be hired for website designing services.
·         Not compatible for mobile devices- Majority of population is using smartphone these days. Considering the need to make website compatible on mobile devices design of a website needs to be mobile centric. Moreover, as it is an essential ranking factor, businesses need to obey this factor for sure.
·         Broken social media links- Finding broken links on page, nothing can be more annoying as compared to it. This leaves customers wondering what wrong they are doing and look for alternative. Therefore, checking social media links on regular basis is necessary.

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