Monday, October 5, 2015

6 Website Design Mistakes that can Actually Kill Your Business’s Image

You may be offering best products at genuine price tag, but if the design of your website contains costly errors, you have slim chances of succeeding worldwide. Therefore, it is vital for you to ensure that the design of the site is flawless and leaves an impeccable impression on its visitors.

Following are the most common as well as costly mistakes that can actually kill the image of your business throughout the world-

  1. If your site has too many pop-ups and you believe that it would help users to quickly learn about your products or services, you are simply mistaken. Instead of helping your cause, it annoys the visitors and makes them run away from your website in no time.
  2. If your website has disorganized navigation, it will be impossible for customers to find the exact product or information in a click or two. In simple words, you can lose your value and opportunity of conversion in a few seconds.
  3. Sprinkling your website with animation, flash, or graphics does not make your site look fancy, instead it makes it tiresome to both eyes and mind. On the other hand, it also affects loading time of the site. Thus, if you are using it in excess, give it another thought now.
  4. If you are using low quality or unoptimized images, you are passing a message to your customers that you a low quality business. You just cannot afford to ignore the importance of visuals, especially if you sell products that are dependent on looks.
  5. A site that looks good on your browser does not mean that it looks great on every other browser. Therefore, ignoring testing is another crucial mistake that can seriously damage the image of your business and its conversions.
  6. If despite of all your SEO efforts, you are finding hard to achieve the top search engine rankings, it could be because of not complying with the search engine guidelines while designing. Therefore, you need to ensure factors such as alt tag optimization and Meta tags, etc.

 If you believe that design of your website has such issues, you must get on the web and start searching for professional web design services. You need to make sure that you choose an expert of the industry with a proven track in the arena.  You can also seek help from your friends or family to know the name of professional web design companies.

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