Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do you know how a website is developed? Here’s valuable information that will clear your doubts!

You need to constantly update your website, if you want it to stay up in the results. Moreover, the profit you will earn from your website will largely depend upon the type of website your business has. Choosing the right development company is essential in order to get a website that can generate traffic for you.

A professional company will help you in enjoying good ranking in the search results and make you familiar with the internet strategies that you need to implement in order to stay ahead of the competitors. Only the professionals can design a website that will help you in fulfilling your business purposes.

Designing and developing a website is not an easy job. The experts follow a number of steps to design and develop a website as per the requirements of the clients.

Here is a list of steps followed by any professional web development company in New York to come forward with a high quality website.

This is the phase in which the requirements of the clients are taken into consideration. The companies will ask their clients about their budget, business goals and the expectations. Moreover, the important aspects are also discussed such as how the website will look, the function of different web pages, website content, targeted audience and other factors associated with the website.

Specification building
Based on the analysis done in the first phase, the experts will prepare a specification of web pages including site maps, process charts, estimated time and cost.

Designing has a major role to play in the entire development process. In this phase, the designers will create a prototype and show it to the clients. If the design receives approval from the clients, then the team proceeds further and will create a fully functional website.

In this phase, the programmers will write codes for the website. Developers make use of programming languages such as Java and to write codes for the website. There is a possibility that developers may interact with designers to understand the design of the website thoroughly.

After the completion of coding, it is time to test the design of the website. In simple words, the testing team checks the functionality of the website in order to see whether it is performing according to the requirement of the clients or not.

Lastly, the company will hand over the website to the clients after checking its functionality.

The professionals in the web development company in New York will take care of your business requirements and come forward with a website that will enhance sales and growth of your business.

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