Thursday, October 24, 2013

Want your business to be a hit online? Make sure your website is being developed well!

Online shopping is the trend now! Be it shoes, jeans, gadgets, or anything else for that matter; people prefer to buy things online, these days.

Well, they have their reasons- online shopping saves time, energy, and fuel. Moreover, you get to explore various options, with just few mouse clicks.

Websites that sell products online come into the category e-commerce websites. These are a little different from regular websites as it requires integration of payment gateway and developing the website according to several other e-commerce requirements. This isn’t something any other developer can offer, which is why you must only rely on a reputed Web Development Company from big city like New York. It has been seen that in these cities, the quality of service offered is slightly better.

Now, here are few quick tips that can be of help in making your ecommerce site better:
  • Always keep the navigation as easy as possible, especially for the product categories. Make the checkout process hassle-free and keep the paths clear, concise and unambiguous. If at any point of time, user feels that he has lost the track, it is likely he may leave the site.
  • Always remember that you are selling your product and service, not the design of site. Therefore, the design should not be too flashy or extravagant as it may distract the users. Keep it clean, neat and simple; so that the visitors can remain fully focused on the products instead of the design. The design of your site should be something that supports the placement and visibility of what you are selling.
  • If you have any current discount schemes or offers going on, make sure to put those offers at a place which is clearly visible to the customers. Do not place them at areas which are not so noticeable. Offers and discount schemes work like temptations and attract the customers. Therefore, its visibility should be highest. For instance, studies have indicated that websites offering free shipping received more sales and conversion rate compared to the sites that do not.
  • Online shopping is a little different than going to a market. In the latter one, the customers can see, touch and feel the product, which is not possible in the first one. Therefore, to make the online experience as close to physical shopping as possible, put attractive images of products which give a close picture of the product. Place 3D pictures, with zoom in and zoom out option, and give a complete description of all the features and specifications of whatever you are selling. This will make shopping experience more fun and real.
To get an ideal and perfect e-commerce site launched for your online business; contact the best web Development Company in New York and get started.

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