Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Various tools used by companies that provide web development services

Web development refers to all non-design features used in the structuring of a website. Website development professionals, called web developers create and manage architecture and structure of a site, create and manage domains, write codes for various purposes and apply security measures to protect sites from unauthorised access.

The development of an efficient website requires development professionals to have a completed knowledge and clear understanding of all the web development terminologies and applications.

For more than a decade, customers and traders have been turning to internet for solutions to their queries. This change in trading and utilizing services of a business has raised the need of websites, so the need professional website development services.

Web developers make use of different tools to greatly increase the speed of development. These tools reduce the occurrence of errors, their debugging and testing time, thus result in a quality product. Described below are some common utility, debugging, testing, and optimizing tools used by web developers for an efficient development of websites.

CSS Grid Builder:
An online Graphical User Interface, CSS is a development tool used for the customization of YUI (Yahoo User Interface) Grids CSS. YUI grids CSS is a Yahoo User Interface library comes with CSS framework for the faster development of websites. An easy to use tool, CCS grid builder is used by professionals to build interactive web applications. Once the page layout of has been created, this tool will generate the HTML code for layout just with a single click on “show code” icon.

CSS Sprite Generator:
CSS Sprite Generator is a tool used to generate image sprites from your uploaded images and CSS code for your website. This tool helps you dramatically speed up the performance of your web page by HTTP requests.

You just need to upload all the images you want and put them in a .zip file. Once you have done it, CSS Sprite Generator combines all uploaded images in a single sprite and produce appropriate code for you.

Blueprint: A CSS Framework:
Blueprint is a CSS Framework that saves the time needed for the CSS development. This tool includes form styles for developing an appealing user-interface, plugins for sprites, buttons, and tabs, templates, print styles to make webpages ready for paper printing, easy to use  grid to support complex layouts, sensible typography etc.

CSSTidy is an open source application that formats, fix, and optimize the CSS code. Using this software one can reduce the size of the file by removing redundant properties.

Website development services helps by producing a website that fuel a business to take it to the noticeable positions in the search engine listings and in the related industry.

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